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How to operate mechanical rodeo bull

Author : Sarah Date : 2015-1-6 10:19:54

 How to operate the mechanical rodeo bull?

Not everybody has the chance or the gut to ride a real bull.But every one can try the mechanical bull riding game. The mechanical bull is equipped with red eyes,smoking nose and wild movements.It is so vivid that you can feel no difference with challenging the real bull.That's why riding bull games is so popular.

F fell in love with the mechanical bull at the first sight in one birthday party. After negotiating for over 6 months,he finally chose ours. Another 2 months wait,the bull came to him in the end. Instead of joyful,he felt anxious. The bull did not move after the installation! A call,an instant message and an email,he contacted me by all means. I could feel his anxiety.Who won't? He has waited for such long time but he has no idea how to use it. I called the technician and described F's problems. The technician gave several instructions immediately. How professional he is! I forwarded these instructions to F.However,things are never so easy. After 4 rounds of communicating with F and technician, we finally had all the problems solved. And F kept saying"Thank you". We are all happy to see the bull work now.

It is not the first time clients have concerns for operating and after-sale service. If we were in the clients' shoes,we would have the same concerns. So we try to explain as detailed as we can when the clients have problems.And we reply them as soon as possible. We gained in every case,for example,we realise that pictures and videos are more useful than word format. And if the clients take photos and videos to show their problems,we will locate the faults soon. We are praud that we are getting better and better!!!

Here are instructions for operating luxury bull in automatic mode:
1.Switch on the console.
2.Press the start button for 5 seconds.
3.Push the handle to automatic mode.
4.Rotate the switch to spin side.
5.Press the slow speed button.
The bull will spin and rise and fall,flashing its red eyes immediately.10 mins later,the smoke will come out of its nose.
Wow,it is a real angry bull!!!Haha~